Parklife: Game about green space

Parklife is a table top game played by 2-4 players (but we’d love to develop it for more). It is about public space, green space, why we care and who we meet there. It explores how play can be a way into talking about social change and a catalyst for sharing our stories. 

This game came out of a discussion about spaces that meant the most to us in lockdown outside of our homes. During our months inside open public green space was (and still is) a lifeline to so many: a safe place to exercise, see a friend or just lie the sun. We all know the vital importance of natural green space for our mental and physical health, and felt the lack of it during isolation: it’s a depressing realisation how many of us don’t have easy access to it, or get what we need out of it. 21% of households in London have no garden, and only 87% live within walking distance to a public park.

Lockdown also really highlighted the (sometimes surprising) communities we belong to and our responsibility to them: we want to examine our individual effect on the eco system of a public space and how we can use that power to collectively impact the space that should belong to us. We love games because they’re an excellent vehicle for understanding complex systems and group discussions: a tool for building and change. 

Parklife can be played live in person, or over Zoom. We’ve also thought about a courier version to be delivered and played in linked households or ‘bubbles’. We hope to develop it as a discussion tool for specific communities about particular places: to imagine the possibilities of future public spaces.

If you’d like to play, email us.

We were put together with Christopher Blackmore by Virtual Collaborators and mentored by Tassos Stevens, to make work at a distance in lockdown: The Parklife project is the result of that.


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