Mundania at Mayfair Art Weekend

We worked in collaboration with VR artist Jocelyn Anquetil, to present her piece ‘Mundania’, a virtual reality installation set up in the RA’s courtyard for the Mayfair Art Weekend.

The VR world ‘Mundania’ examines the pressures of being a 24-year-old in the 21st century – the need to be the best version of yourself: the happiest, the most successful, the most creative, the most original, the most validated by anonymous tapping of heart shaped buttons on screens. Mundania presents the experience of one girl dreaming of the perfect world. A place where she can sculpt her unique identity in perfect pastel aesthetica. Slowly it engulfs her, bleeding in and out of reality. Until one day, she disappears.

We were asked by Jocelyn to create an environment that would simultaneously add to her story and become a capsule the audience could experience her VR inside.


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