Man on the Moon

A five day, hyperreal installation based on the mysterious life of the Armstrong family and their company, Armstrong Cheese. Set in their home on Copeland Road in South East London.

Here you’ll find the full visual narrative created for a documentation, plus some extra images from the installation.

The event was advertised as a ‘cheese café and open house’ – an event designed to sell off Mr Armstrong’s remaining stock in his absence. The company’s famous Moon cheese was free to sample, with a ‘pay what you can’ policy.

When the audience arrived they found each room as an installation: a home deserted, full of clues to the Armstrong’s life; an abandoned film set. Audiences could uncover a fairy tale inside the family home through the objects and ephemera left behind, but ultimately imagined the world for themselves.

We wanted audiences to question how much of Armstrong Cheese was real. ​No one was told it was a story fabricated by two set designers. It was without conclusion. For some 139 Copeland Road is still the Armstrong’s home and the cheese monger’s whereabouts still unknown.

Advertised in London’s TIME OUT as one of the ‘three essential things to do that week’.

In November 2018 we were selected to present this project in Barcelona as one of ADC*E‘s chosen ‘High Potentials’ from across Europe.


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