Lost Lagoon

We were designers for Bompas and Parr’s immersive theatrical imagining of the Captain Morgan brand. We worked with them to source and construct the following four locations of their event:

The Spice Boat

The lost Orchid Isle

The Ruins

The Golden Cave

“With a plot inspired by the world’s most famous buccaneer himself, Lost Lagoon represents a fantastical reinterpretation of the eponymous Captain Henry Morgan’s world, and will require guests to navigate themselves by boat on the world’s largest indoor lagoon to a series of islands inspired by the atolls of the south Pacific – in contrast to rum’s spiritual home in the Caribbean.

Along the way, facing creative challenges as part of an immersive theatrical production, they will receive rum-based rations and progressively accumulate the knowledge to make the finest rum punches, reinvigorating a 400-year-old rhyme-based recipe that has stood the test of time to remain the simplest way to make a great-tasting punch –  with no obscure ingredients or complex techniques required.”


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