A Marble Run style game for WaterAid for Stockholm World Water Week. We were in consultation with specialists in their field and Water Aid’s branding and messaging team to create a playful learning tool for WaterAid to use for those with industry knowledge and the public alike.

Designed to communicate system strengthening for WASH (one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals): a game that allows players to “practise valuable skills in construction, cause and effect, and decision-making”. A team works to build a system using the modular bricks as fast as possible that will successfully get their marble from A to B. If their marble stops, drops or gets stuck it will prompt a ‘System Break’ card – revealing a real life problem that water aid works to solve. A leaderboard is in place for teams to compete.

Game delivered with leaderboard, System Break cards, infographic banner and tablecloth.

Built with Good Empire.



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